Any event must be the subject of a thorough analysis of the risks to people, but must also have a clear and effective management plan that takes account of the risks identified. We develop a clear and effective "score", in complete transparency and in collaboration with the local authorities and the organisers.

What can be more important than the safety of those taking part in your congress?

The security of an event is the very basis of this.

  • What is your responsibility as the organiser of the seminar?
  • What legal provisions are there in the event of problems?
  • Does a badging plan for your participants rule out the possible intrusion of people not connected with the event?
  • Is the location selected for the organisation in line with the risks?
  • Do the security officers employed have the necessary experience to manage the entry of the 2,000 people who will attend?
  • Do they know what to do in the event of an emergency?
  • Are your packages, delivered to the congress centre before your arrival, secure and recorded, to ensure that they do not disappear?


So many questions have to be asked from the conceptualisation stage of the event that you are about to organise.

With experience recognised by Belgian national security authorities, our team will help you prepare a clear, concrete and financially acceptable security plan.

National legislation on the subject makes YOU responsible for security …

Working with you, we create your solutions, providing you with an effective and legally sound security plan.

Vos connaissances de la gestion de la sécurité et mobilité de personnalités de haut-rang, vos connaissances et contacts au sein des autorités européennes, belges et internationales sont appréciées au plus haut point. Votre préparation minutieuse en amont permet une gestion efficace de l'information et des risques qui sont essentiels pour des événements regroupant des Chefs d'État, Chefs de Gouvernement et Personnalités de Haut-Rang.2017 - European Commission - M Bruno VERHASSELT Coordinator Vip section - Security Directorate