How can you manage an event without being able to communicate with the actors involved at any time and in any place at a congress location?

Unfortunately, such communication too often causes problems and disrupts the smooth running of the event.

From the preparation of the communication plan, to its approval following tests conducted on site and the provision of effective equipment and/or the management and archiving of your communication, our services will enable you to communicate effectively and consistently with your team at any place for the duration of the event.

The failure to comply with an instruction results in your invoice being contested by your client …

No problem, our technical networks consultant has recorded all the communications sent through the network …

We will provide you with a detailed report specifying the nature of the instructions given and the exact timing of the solutions found!

Christophe is one of the most details oriented, approachable and professional leader I have had the pleasure of working with. His efficiency, expertise and strong guidance skills, in such sensitive sector as security, have always been key factors of success that led our goals straight to the aim. A reference!2012 - Metropole Hotel Brussels - General Manager - Gwenaël Odongui