Corporate restructuring and the management of redundancy plans

Every unproductive day is a failure, in both human and financial terms. Planning the management of risks makes it possible to speed things up dramatically while protecting the image and reputation of your company.

There are multiple risks involved in the preparation and implementation of a redundancy plan or corporate restructuring. Failure to identify them causes a high human and financial cost to the company and its employees. In a number of EU countries we have worked on more than 10 redundancy plans, from the transfer of activity to site closures. Our expertise in the subject combined with genuine experience enables us to guarantee our clients the advice they need for a sound, fluid and dynamic risk management system.

Risk identification

In 75% of cases, restructuring results in disruption and unrest within the company. Our “dashboard” makes it possible to assess the direct, indirect and future risks for any action/decision to be taken in managing the plan and to estimate the possible/probable damage.

The objectives or how to establish the legal and operational framework

The objective is to identify and significantly reduce the risks to people and corporate assets, while objectively measuring the potential impact on the brand, reputation and value of your company. Our goal is to enable our clients to manage their risks proactively and effectively, so that they can be as responsive and practical as possible.

We will help you set up an operational “framework” which takes into account the obligations of all parties. This framework will make it possible to place clear markers. The security of people, the protection of property and the legal framework are the bases needed for the implementation of an effective and coherent redundancy plan. 

The toolbox

Once the risks have been identified, we develop a “toolbox” management plan for them that enables us to take all possible preventative measures to reduce the risks, and to set out the concrete crisis management measures, enabling the company to cope quickly and effectively with a situation that disrupts the normal course of business. Including the sound, responsible and transparent management of the operational costs of management, our management plan enables the company to keep a close eye on the budget earmarked for the operational management of its plan.

  • Development of a framework suitable for the announcement
  • Development of a legal framework for negotiation
  • Development of a dashboard
  • Use of a toolbox

The results

  • Defining the management framework for the redundancy plan … Maintaining control
  • Protecting the people involved in the negotiation/management of the plan
  • Limiting the financial impact on the company
  • Mastering the legal and regulatory constraints
  • Limiting and managing the impact on the company’s reputation
  • Defining the limits acceptable to the company
I worked with Christophe for many years. He is a well balanced person,understanding the needs of his customers. He is reliable and trustworthy. 2008 - Hilton International - Director of Human Resources Europe - Ms Joëlle Hellinckx