From producing a security audit to coaching your teams in dynamic risk management and creating a comprehensive risk management plan, our consultants are at your service to provide you with the most accurate “snapshot” of the risks to the people and assets of your company.

  • Do you have the necessary tools? If the answer is no, you are flying blind...
  • We help you to devise a clear and precise management plan for the safety of your staff and the security of your site.
  • We visit your company.  With your managers and your teams, we analyse their management and operating methods.

Based on this analysis, we objectively define the risks to the company (in the broad sense) and its activity that they have to take into account.

In collaboration with them, we create a “dashboard” and a “toolbox”.

Yes, this image is very realistic… The dashboard makes it possible to diagnose the risks and monitor their development… and the toolbox provides your staff with the tools they need to reduce the risks or transfer them if they cannot be taken by the company.

  • Do you have a reliable and dynamic system for monitoring the subcontractors working in your company? 

  • Do you have a risk management plan for the risks related to the contracting of outsourced services by your company?
  • Is your policy for access to your sites reliable and does it take account of the current situation regarding recurrent and/or occasional risks?