Christophe Samyn, the Managing Director of OPSMAN, has been active in the field of risk management for the security of people and property since 1997.

Having created and developed a number of security management plans in such diverse sectors as:

  • Luxury hotels
  • High-risk and extreme-risk industries
  • The physical protection of endangered persons and high-risk events 

Christophe decided, in 2011, to create his own company, with the aim of becoming a benchmark in Europe for the effective management of risks related to the security of people and property.

OPSMAN has been active in Belgium, France and Switzerland since 2012, providing support for its clients in defining, creating and implementing key prevention and risk management tools.  

Detecting, identifying and assessing risks provides a clear and precise view of the path you need to take. Managing these risks enables you to avoid unforeseen pitfalls, to prevent crisis situations and to deal with them effectively when necessary.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen changes in the landscape and spectrum of risks in continental Europe and throughout the world. From a spectrum of relatively well-known and stable recurrent risks, mainly linked to domestic, urban or organised crime, in recent years we have moved towards a much broader and less stable spectrum of risks related to terrorist acts committed at the very heart of our European capitals.