Our experts have been active for over 15 years in the field of private security. In Belgium, as well as elsewhere in Europe and Africa, we have acted as security managers, some in hotels and at institutional events, and others involved in professional training, audit management and coaching. We have seen how the landscape and spectrum of risks has changed over the last 20 years in continental Europe and in Belgium in particular. From a profile of recurrent risks that are relatively familiar and stable, related to domestic, urban and organised crime, we have in recent years moved on to a much broader and more unstable profile related to terrorist acts carried out within our own country.

From the recruitment method to the efficient and secure conclusion of contracts with your subcontractors, together we create the key elements needed for the effective and integrated management of the security aspects of your company. The preventive measures to be developed and the security management plan with all its constituent parts, including the management of potential crisis situations. 

We take account of your activities and incorporate them into a clear and coherent plan that cannot at any time become an obstacle to the productivity of your company. The measures introduced range from the creation of your company’s security plan to the coaching of your security management team. We create the tools and train your staff or your subcontractors in the optimal use of these tools.

As required by Belgian legislation, we are authorised by the S.P.F.I. with regard to security advice and consultancy and have a large number of genuine and verifiable references.

Vos connaissances de la gestion de la sécurité et mobilité de personnalités de haut-rang, vos connaissances et contacts au sein des autorités européennes, belges et internationales sont appréciées au plus haut point. Votre préparation minutieuse en amont permet une gestion efficace de l'information et des risques qui sont essentiels pour des événements regroupant des Chefs d'État, Chefs de Gouvernement et Personnalités de Haut-Rang.2017 - European Commission - M Bruno VERHASSELT Coordinator Vip section - Security Directorate