There can be no doubt that over the last five years we have seen an exponential increase in the security risks for those attending public or institutional events.

OPSMAN is the preferred partner of event organisers when it comes to the management of risk factors related to the security of people, as well as those concerning the image of the institution or organiser.

Our experts have been involved in security management at many institutional and private international events.

OPSMAN EVENTS will help you with the organisational aspects of your event (congress, seminar, forum, conference, etc.). From its creation to the final production, our recognised experts will enable you to achieve the “Wow” effect for your participants, while keeping within the agreed budget. From a global solution (the OMP – Operational Management Plan) to specific and targeted expertise, we will work to realise your objectives.

At Councils of the European Union, the Belgian Presidencies of the EU (2001 and 2010) and major events such as the European Development Days (from 2012), the Our Ocean summit in Malta in 2017 and the “Mali Donor Conference” in 2013, we were present on location in Europe to assist our clients with establishing a plan for the effective and secure management of their events.

Together with the protocol and personal protection services, we manage those aspects related to the risks generated by the event itself

  • Location,
  • Identification of risks including terrorism,
  • Sensitivity of the subjects and of the people invited,
  • Etc..
We had many European delegations and high-ranking guests where Christophe constantly demonstrated his strong expertise, which was an asset to the hotel. He is a high professional and one can always count on his support. It was a great time and I enjoyed working with him.2015 - Mercuri Urval - Management Consultant - M. Bernhard Botlik