Our experts help you to develop, in a practical and logical manner, the toolbox that will provide you with the key management resources needed to effectively manage the security of your staff and your company’s values.

From preventative actions to the crisis management plan, we create an essential tool for your teams to develop a dynamic and effective risk management.

From the method of recruitment to the efficient and secure contracting of your subcontractors, together we create the keys to the integrated management of the security aspects of your company. 

The preventative measures to be developed, the security management plan with all its components, including the management of potential crisis situations. 

Your potential security service providers will be selected taking into account the value for money which they offer, while also taking into consideration their ability to actually perform the service they undertake to provide.

We had many European delegations and high-ranking guests where Christophe constantly demonstrated his strong expertise, which was an asset to the hotel. He is a high professional and one can always count on his support. It was a great time and I enjoyed working with him.2015 - Mercuri Urval - Management Consultant - M. Bernhard Botlik