Due to changes in the recurrent risks to hotel security over recent years, it has become essential to have an effective risk management plan for the security of guests, staff and the hotel itself.

A hotel is a “small world” in itself, with a number of different departments that all play an important role in effective security management. From room service to stock management, and reception to luggage service, all have a role to play in the development of an effective and concrete security policy.

With the luxury hotel sector using a lot of temporary workers, it is also extremely important to define a framework for the recruitment, contracting and management of temporary staff, so as not to leave any loopholes in terms of hotel security risks.

Too often, we see that hotels still subcontract security to a partner that is only intended to dissuade and respond.

Effective security requires the development of an integrated and concrete security policy that takes account of all of a hotel’s departments and resources. A clear and concrete management plan is essential, otherwise there will be no more than a “feeling of security”, without actually creating a secure environment.

We are there to help you with the development and management of preventative measures and management approaches that will have a direct and verifiable impact on the level of security for your guests, your staff… in fact, for your entire hotel.

I worked with Christophe for many years. He is a well balanced person,understanding the needs of his customers. He is reliable and trustworthy. 2008 - Hilton International - Director of Human Resources Europe - Ms Joëlle Hellinckx