Efficient and transparent global plan for risk management

We develop risk and mobility management plans for international institutions, mobility having a direct impact on the security of present delegations. Having managed the security and mobility of numerous official visits from senior foreign officials, the aspects of risk management are suited to the specificity of these types of events. We are trusted and known by Belgian and international protection services, allowing us to work in an efficient and coordinated manner. Each aspect of risk is managed, from preventive measures to management methods. From the outset everyone knows what to do and how to do it, should the need arise.

A consolidated management plan… A global solution… the G.D.C. concept!!!

For nearly 3 years, OPSMAN and its partner Destrée Organisation have been developing the G.D.C. concept (Global Diplomatic Cooperation). G.D.C. is designed to develop a management plan in an efficient and coordinated way, including aspects related to protocol and specific management tools associated with this expertise. Sam and his team will be in charge of the protocol aspects, in line with the need for security and mobility. G.D.C. creates the harmonious and effective score which allows the orchestra to play in tune… Don’t hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to meet with you in order to provide you with more information about our management tools.

Mobility: an essential coordination

Mobility management is an essential part of efficient management of corporate events. Imagine a Head of Delegation being late for his intervention on a panel, arriving at the airport to find his transport is not there. The impact on the reputation of the event and its organisers could become an international incident, resulting in serious financial losses.

The essential elements to good mobility management are coordination and communication with various parties, including the organisers of the event, the authorities and police forces, in order to efficiently coordinate escorts and protection teams. Knowing local suppliers in order to precisely and efficiently select drivers, routes and parking facilities is key. We must expect the unexpected… A preventive approach to the risks related to mobility management allows us to prevent and manage the unexpected in a highly accurate manner which, from our experience, become carefully crafted solutions.

OPSMAN has been called upon to manage mobility for international events welcoming from 5 to 110 Heads of Delegations, each representing their government at these events in Europe.


I worked with Christophe for many years. He is a well balanced person,understanding the needs of his customers. He is reliable and trustworthy. 2008 - Hilton International - Director of Human Resources Europe - Ms Joëlle Hellinckx