• Is your request related to a specific threat or risk?
  • Have you or your parent company identified specific risks linked to a particular known threat?  
  • Do you need to invest in protecting your facilities and require a neutral and objective audit of your existing protection system?
  • Does your company have to cope with unforeseen events that pose a threat to your facilities and/or staff?
  • Does the level of terrorist threat concern you, and you would like a concrete analysis of the risk for your company?


Our consultants can manage these risks, together with you. Our management plans are integrated in your structure, which guarantees the involvement of staff in the management of their own security. An identified risk is a manageable risk, whatever its level… An unidentified risk will always result in a crisis situation, with all the harm that brings to the company!

Vos connaissances de la gestion de la sécurité et mobilité de personnalités de haut-rang, vos connaissances et contacts au sein des autorités européennes, belges et internationales sont appréciées au plus haut point. Votre préparation minutieuse en amont permet une gestion efficace de l'information et des risques qui sont essentiels pour des événements regroupant des Chefs d'État, Chefs de Gouvernement et Personnalités de Haut-Rang.2017 - European Commission - M Bruno VERHASSELT Coordinator Vip section - Security Directorate