We offer you more than ten years’ of experience in seeking effective partners who are recognised in their field of activity and who will respect your budget. Given the large number of disciplines involved in the organisation of a major event, it is important for you to be able to rely on true professionals (mobility, creation of spaces, communication, security, reception, etc.) whose priority will be to provide you with the best “quality-price” ratio. In each of the specialities, an objective analysis of your needs will be carried out with you in advance. A financial comparative analysis will be drawn up, which will guarantee you flawless quality of service from the supplier and real management of your services, all at a fair price that is within your initial budget. In just a few words, we create YOUR solutions



What can be more important than the safety of those taking part in your congress? The security of an event is the very basis of this … What is your responsibility as the organiser of the seminar? What legal provisions are there in the event of problems? Does a badging plan for your participants rule out the possible intrusion of people not connected with the event? Is the location selected for the organisation in line with the risks? Do the security officers employed have the necessary experience to manage the access of the 2,000 people who will attend? Do they know what to do in the event of an emergency? Are your packages, delivered to the congress centre before your arrival, secure and recorded, to ensure that they do not disappear?

So many questions have to be asked, right from the conceptualisation stage of the event that you are about to organise. With experience recognised by Belgian national security authorities, our team will help you prepare a clear, concrete and financially acceptable security plan. National legislation on the subject makes YOU responsible for security… Working with you, we create your solutions, providing you with an effective and legally coherent security plan.



What can be more important in the organisation of your event than transport? From booking plane tickets for your guests and speakers to providing transport to your hotel or congress centre, our transport expert will work with you to analyse your needs objectively. He will find the solution best suited to your operational requirements, while respecting a predefined budget. The type of vehicle, the profile of the drivers, the language skills, and the protocol for driving with an escort are elements that form an integral part of the analysis of your needs. The quest for innovative or exceptional solutions is also one of the key services that must be provided by a professional transport manager. From “clean transportation” to the provision of a private plane, the expertise of our managers is only equalled by their determination to find solutions tailored to the needs of their clients!!!



Active in the building of exceptional stands for twenty years, our partner is recognised in Belgium and abroad. By defining your needs under the control and expertise of an interior architect, respecting your budgets and your operational requirements, we will bring to life and realise your objective. Numerous multinationals, such as Danone and Intel to name but two, put their faith in them.  

From preparing the plan for your stands, to assembling them and taking them down, as well as storing them if necessary, the professionalism of our partner, combined with our keen sense of customer service and our clear and concrete financial transparency, gives you the “Wow” effect, while strictly observing your budgetary constraints.



How can you manage an event without being able to communicate with the participants involved at any time and in any place at a congress location? Unfortunately, such communication too often causes problems and gives rise to disruption in the smooth running of the event. From the preparation of the communication plan to its validation following tests conducted on site and the provision of effective equipment and/or the management and archiving of your communication, our services will enable you to communicate effectively and consistently with your team at any place for the duration of the event. 

Your client claims not to have received a contracted service within the agreed time… The failure to comply with this instruction results in your invoice being contested by your client… No problem, our technical networks consultant has recorded all the communications sent through the network… We will provide you with a detailed report, specifying the nature of the instructions given and the exact timing of the communication!!! 



Are you looking for something exceptional, for a “wow” effect for the participants and guests at your reception? Do you want to impress your guests with the presence of a special concept or person? From an indoor fireworks display to the presence of cocktail creators, or even the organisation of a private concert by a famous artist, we will seek out the ‘Wow’ effect you have dreamed of for your guests. Together, we will examine the options, taking account of your parameters, and will help you with the creation of this exceptional solution. The exceptional is not out of your reach, it is at your door!

We had many European delegations and high-ranking guests where Christophe constantly demonstrated his strong expertise, which was an asset to the hotel. He is a high professional and one can always count on his support. It was a great time and I enjoyed working with him.2015 - Mercuri Urval - Management Consultant - M. Bernhard Botlik